The One Step Process to Fighting Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair Tips

Step 1- Accept it, it’s inevitable.

There is an unfortunate truth to this statement. Fight with your hair all you want but our hair’s
desire to be what it is is stronger than our will. Our hair is a type of fabric- everyone’s is different
and they all have their own set of challenges. Instead of fighting it we encourage you to accept
your hair for what it is and save your efforts for more promising endeavors.

While there are solutions for making the frizz more manageable there is no magic product or
process that will free you completely from the turmoil of little pieces of hair that stick out in every
direction. Below we will highlight some steps that you can take to ensure you have the
smoothest locks possible, but first let’s talk a little bit about some common reasons we suffer
from frizz in the first place.

Curls & Waves

It’s no secret that curly girls suffer the hardest, that’s because curly hair is not only naturally
lacking in moisture but the tighter together the strands are the more prone they are to friction.
Well lubricated hair is more resistant to friction which can help lessen breakage.

Fine Texture

Fine hair is much more delicate than medium or course types which makes damaging it easier.
Damage = Breakage.

Dryness & Damage from Chemical Processing

There’s no secret here, ladies. Bleach is rough. Over processing with colors and lighteners will
wreck your hair so always proceed with caution.

Heat Damage

Hot tools are our best friends and our worst enemies. Always be sure you are using your tools
carefully and correctly to avoid breakage from heat damage.


You are what you eat. This applies to your hair. The more good things you do to nourish your
body will help protect the health of your hair and healthy hair is always the easiest to manage.
Now that we know some common reasons we have frizz we can talk about some solutions to
improve it. Having a good routine and using the right products for your hair will be the best way
to keep the frizz at a minimum.

Cleanse & Condition

It’s a simple first step but it’s critical. Using the correct shampoo and conditioner for you hair
type is important. This is especially true if you use styling products regularly.

Gentle Styling

How you handle your hair matters. If you are rough on your hair it will break. Think of using clips
instead of elastic bands when you tie it up, brush and comb with care, go easy on the bleach,
and style with heat sparingly. You may even consider buying a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce
friction while you sleep.

Professional Smoothing Treatments

Commonly known as Keratin Treatments or Brazilian Blowouts, these are an excellent way to
help manage the frizz. These treatments can be expensive and they are not the right fit for
everyone so always be sure to get a thorough consultation with an experienced stylist before
signing up. When done properly, they can reduce frizz, cut down on drying time and the need for
hot tools, and give you much smoother and more manageable hair.